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I think that over the years gun forums have created a atmosphere where the minute details of shooting have been discussed ad nausium to the point some think that a particular pistol has to weigh an exact amount, have a particular feel and pointing angle and if you don't get a warm fuzzy feeling when you caress it in your hand it's not the right gun for you. If you practice enough you can become proficient enough for defense with just about any pistol. Like a poster said above, if it fires and puts the bullet exactly where I want it, it suits me. I have all 16 pistols I have bought over the last 45 years and am pretty good shooting all of them and they range from a Colt .45 SAA with a 1901 build to S&W wheel guns to Glocks. On the other hand my best friend has spent thousands of dollars in the last 3 years buying and selling pistols looking for the Holy Grail pistol of his dreams. He always gives me a dirty look when I mention to him all the mental m*sterbation he goes through at every new pistol buy.
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