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Proud new owner of a new Colt MPG-B (green)

I had been searching hi and lo for this M4 carbine and everywhere I looked it was always backorderd so I settled on the common LE9620 and was happy but...I go to the gun shop to pick up a few Pmags and guess what was hanging on the display wall! yup, a new Colt LE9620 with the MPG-B TALO option. They was willing to take take my black LE in trade but I had to eat a $100 loss but in the end I was more than happy with it. This rifle is stunning in person and pictures just don't do it justice.

My actual weapon at the range.

It is said this is the only green reciever ever produced by colt and the production run was for only 1500 units so I am kinda hoping I will never see another one at the range or anywheres stoked here!!
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