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Opinions on a trade..HK USP Compact 40 for Glock 23?

I have somebody looking to trade me a HK USP Compact .40 with 2 magazines and night sights for my Glock 23 .40 with 4 magazines, night sights and a Insight M3 LED tactical light. I know HK's are a more exspensive gun and I used to own a full size .40 that I didnt care for because I didnt like how I shot with it. However I have always chalked it up to that peticular gun and didnt stain all HK's because of it. With that said I feel I have a good package going with the G23. I do have children and like the idea of the safety that HK has versus the Glock that doesnt. The HK is is very good condition but so is my Glock. The G23 has alittle more barrel then the USP Compact but its alittle less then 1/2" so the difference should be extremely minimal. I am on the fence on this trade because although HK's do cost more new my Glock 23 does have alot with it. Is the HK so much more refined to warrant the extra cost? Opinions here GREATLY appreciated.
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