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Help steer me in the right direction (.22)

Looking for a bit of advice. Here's the deal. I only recently (this past year) got into shooting in any serious kind of way. My first purchase was a Model 10. I wanted something simple, yet effective (enough) for home defense.

I'm loving the gun. The problem is this, .38 SPL ammo cost is keeping me from shooting as much as I'd like to. As a beginner, I need all the practice I can get. I'd also like to dip my toe in the water with semi-autos. So that's what has led me to decide my next gun should be a .22lr pistol.

Basically I'm looking for advice on what to buy. I'm not looking to go over $350 if at all possible. As of right now I have a few in mind:

Beretta NEOS- This seems to have it all, almost. Easy field stripping. Not too finicky with ammo. Good shooter. VERY low cost ($236 @ Bud's). Only problem is it's ugly as sin (and I'm even a sci-fi guy).

Sig 1911- Slightly more than I'd prefer to spend ($368 @ Bud's). But a good looking gun at a decent price. I've read good things about it.

Chiappa 1911- Love the price ($238 @ Bud's). But have read VERY mixed reviews. Some like 'em, some say they're junk.

Ruger Mark III- This seems like the best choice of the bunch, all things considered (price, function, reliability). The only thing that's scaring me off is the notorious difficulty of field stripping.

The Chiappa is in last place right now. I'd rather spend a little more for better quality. But the price is keeping it in the discussion for the time being. If the NEOS was a little prettier (or, um, pretty at all) it'd be the hands down decision. But really I'm just looking for something to practice with to become a better shot, so maybe I shouldn't be too worried about looks.

Or should I just get the Ruger and take a few days to practice/learn the takedown? Are there any other .22's in my price range that I should also be considering?

Thanks in advance guys!
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