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These guys are absolutly right about the brands. If you are mechanically inclined at all, an AR isn't real difficult to assemble. It does require some tools though. I love building my own, but I own two that I bought off of the shelf and they are great rifles. The two that I still own that are not custom built are a S&W M&P15 and a DDV4. Both are top notch IMO. I have owned a few different brands and yet to own a bad AR. Some just have options I like better, or better customer service.

To be honest, there is a pride you can take when you build one yourself. There are plenty of tutorials online to help if you get stuck. I do however advise letting a gunsmith or knoledgable AR person look at it before firing(just a precaution for the first build).

Fishbed is right about most S&W's, some have a 1in 9 twist barrel and such, but S&W does offer 1in7 on a few rifles too. As far as the quality, I trust S&W as much as ANY other brand. They are one of the few companies that forge their own uppers and lowers, so quality control is usually less of an issue. I will take my M&P over my DD any day(just prefer the configuration of the S&W).They both are great rifles, but the S&W fits better (out of my two) and has a better finish.
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