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I own two ziess conquests. Decent scopes but anyone that tells you there vastly superior to a monarch is smoking crack. My monarchs are much better in low light. Id rate the conquest about on par with a vx2 leupold or a buckmaster myself. I look at conquests with open eyes. Most think because they say ziess on them that there buying something that is a premium. Keep in mind that there top line scopes are as good as ANYTHING. But when a scope manufacture makes 2000 dollar scopes and 400 dollar scopes theres got to be ALOT of compromise to sell one a 1/4 the price. Where are they compromizing? I doubt if its the aluminum tube!! Its the lenses. Hate to say it but Japans lens making technology has caught up to the germans. Cost of labor is probalby half in japan compared to germany. Who do you think is going to produce the best bang for the buck in a scope? Sure if you want the absolute best and can afford it a hand made german or austrailian scope would be your best bet. But few of us can afford that. Just dont be fooled into thinking that ziess can make a scope for 400 that will compare to one of those 2k scopes or something in the same price range comming out of japan. It just doesnt make sense. If it were true id about bet theyd have a hell of a time selling those top end models.

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