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Issue Resolved--Sort of

Asked my wife to read the entire thread, then left the house on errands. (More chance of stuff sinking in if I'm not looking over her shoulder.)

Detected a subtle change in attitude when we discussed the matter on my return. There is no doubt she was affected by what you all said. So much common sense here. I think pax's comment impressed her the most.

She still believes what she believed, that carrying makes you less safe. (I don't think she's quite as certain as before she read the thread, however.) But I came up with a solution inspired by some comments here about the right to self-protect. It's a compromise that is far from perfect but one she can live with. I will buy the lcr but will not carry when we are out together.

I can almost hear some of you saying, "That's crazy, man! You buy the gun you carry it all the time." Well, yes. But one thing at a time. Own it and then by and by I will see if I can get her to come around.
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