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Currently own a P220 .22 classic. Nice fit and finish. Shoots well, but seems to need high power .22lr ammo. CCI mini mag .22lr work just fine. Pluses are:
accurate and well made. Able to accept a caliber "xchange kit", making it a true P220 .45acp. Minues: only one magazine, does not lock back on last round, has to use premium ammo to function properly. Magazines are costly, but can be modified with a new spring and follower so it locks back (SIGPOWER.COM), I believe. But considering that between the .22 pistol (450-499) and the new .45 acp slide assembly(299-399) costs about $800(low side pricing very doable btw), you basically get a .22lr for the price of a P220 .45acp pistol. P226 .22 classic has same ability to accept a "xchange kit" to make it a 9mm or .40S&W. not bad for the price.
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