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Not tryin to sound sarcastic but I've always managed to find more important things in life to occupy my mind with.

Through life, I have been offended by certain actions of family members,friends and acquaintance's but what and why they buy something has never been one of those actions.

Could care less and have always made it a habit of not judging someone for purchasing something or their reason for doing so. If their purchase makes them happy(or sad), they live with that...not me.

If one looked at mine and my dad's buying histories, one might think that we're trying to show each other up. It is, however, more coincidence than anything as Dad and I just happen to have very similar tastes.
I can relate to that WebleyMKV.

Dad's been gone now going on two years. For 45+ yrs., he was the best shooting partner I had and we had very similar tastes in firearms.

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