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Yeah it's true, I'm pretty "narrow minded" when it comes to pistols. Lol
Don't get me wrong, if you want that "stuff" an your pistol or have a use for it, then you should be able to have it. Im not saying there isnt a place for it. im just saying I dont want near any of my pistols. Just as you are able to buy it with a nicknack rack, I should be able to buy it unaltered from its intended purpose. A pistol is a gun, its not something you hang "stuff" off of. You want to hang stuff? Buy a hook. You need a place to hang it? Buy a key chain.

I just don't understand why people have to try and fix things that aren't broken. I understand companies need to make money to stay in business and they're always looking for some gimmick to outsell a competitor. Also, I understand its easier to modify something that already exists rather than create something new. If you make a quality product for a fair price, people will buy it, you shouldn't have to use gimmicks to sell your product. I know what the manufacturers are doing. They focus more on profit than the quality, or usefulness of their product. They know if they slap this on or cut that out, which costs then next to nothing, that can charge more for the same item, increasing their profits. So many of use have been brainwashed by Hollywood and television that we believe any thing we see and can't think for ourselves anymore. This sheep mentality is what manufacturers are looking for. They know they can slap whatever label they want on an otherwise useless concept, and there will be people gullible enough to buy into it.

Good example of why not to buy into aftermarket tacticool junk. I went to LGS a few months ago and there was a "kid" trying to sell his Ak variant. His rifle had every conceivable doo-dad money could buy. I think his goal was to try and make it look as much like an AR15 as he could. He had a hard rifle case and a pile of steel mags to go with it. The clerk took one look at it and told him "I'm not interested in it." When the kid asked why, the clerk told him, "I can't sell it with all that junk on it." The kid preceded to tell the clerk how much money each attachment cost, and the clerk basically told him that it would cost him more to return it to "stock" condition, then what he could sell it for. So in short, this kid probably bought a WASR 10, (not sure, cuz I didn't get to look at it that close), for a few bucks then spent well over that for all his "upgrades" and ended up with a rifle that was worth less than when he started. But because he spent at least twice as much when he was finished, he thought he should get twice as much as what a new "unaltered" one goes for.

Tacticool doesn't make you tactical. Slapping the word tactical on something doesn't make you tactical. Training makes you tactical. There's no substitution for training. There's no gimmick you can buy that will make you as good as your heroes from movies and tv.
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