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just a suggestion Jim but try just washing your cases with the same mixture that you would use in a pin tumbler first. Dish soap and warm watrer and add in white vinegar or lemon juice with a dash of salt or lemi shine and the acid wil make em shiny if that is important to you. That way you could see how you like the wet method first. If the results are not clean enough for you then you can always drop the big bucks on the pins and wet tumbler. I switched over to just washing mine a year ago and never will go back to dry. never felt the need to drop any money on the pins and tumbler either. 250 bucks will buy a fair amount of powder, primers and bullets which will do more for me than the tumbler would

I like that idea of the hanging a mesh laundry bag of cases off the inside of the dryer for drying also. Wish I had thought of that before I built that case dryer
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