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Steel Targets

Several years ago I was shooting alot of steel with lead 45 acps,no problem. Probably shot as close as 10 yds or so. One day I shot 12 ga low recoil buckshot and it started to rain slightly so in my haste to finish up I stayed at approx 15 yds or so and a fragment came back ,hit me in the side of my head and entered and traveled a couple of inches inside alongside my skull. Had to go to Hospital and they had to remove fragment which looked like a bb with a point on it. Anyway I just hoped it would not cause trouble for the private range and evidently the Hospital didn't report it as a gunshot. The hsp didn't do a great job so after a while had to go to another surgeon for a cleaner fix. I still shoot steel but not with a shotgun. Just be very careful. I try to stay at least 15 yds away with pistol and always wear at least eye protection and anything else would be helpful. Just a little story to remind ourselves not to get too comlacement.By the way I was using 500 Brinell Hardness steel in excellent condition with no craters in it. Just a footnote. Steel was not angled but was held onto post by a long bolt with long spring and could move slightly when hit so I don't know how that played into the picture.Most of the time a see the splttered lead at the foot of the steel whwn cleaning up.

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