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I wanted a Sig P238 for about three years. I watched my cousin buy one as I walked around with my Taurus TCP in my pocket. I could not bring myself to spend that kind of money on a gun that was going to just sit in my pocket. Plus, my TCP was 100% reliable...

I finally finangled a deal and got my P238. I had it for about 2-3 months before the wife realized how nice of a gun it is.

Now I am wanting a P238 for myself

My other one is a 1911 style double stack 9mm. I have wanted one of those for like five years. I figured out a plan where I would not buy any guns for five years and stop drinking energy drinks to get it. Well, I am still off the energy drinks but I have kinda given up on my 1911. I've decided to funnel that $$ to buy other things like gun gear and ammo. I figure I will enjoy the ones I have instead of pining for the expensive one. If it ever does happen then awesome.
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