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I am new to this forum but my guess is that the concept of "Stopping Power" has been discussed ad nausea um on this forum.

I think one of the points that Frank Etten cites in his response that the "shock" effect is minimal should clearly be attributed to handgun rounds only.

The "cavitation effect" from high V bullet rounds from a rifle is devastating. when we go through surgical training we mange High V gunshot wounds surgicly by doing dead tissue debridmonts - the amount of "Jello" and devitalized tissue in the GSW track is pretty self explanatory to anyone into terminal ballistics.

As mentioned by the poster of a previous response (physics work both ways) YOU CANT BEAT PHYSICS

The energy imparted by the bullet has to abide by the law of energy E=MC2 in the world of ballistic energy mass isnt the big dog on the block its Speed because the speed is squared

anything going supersonic will screw you up.

the other physics that hollywood producers cant grasp is that no one is thrown backwards by a small arms shot - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If the BG is thrown backwards then the shooter must aslo be thrown backwards if he hangs on to his weapon.

and I think that all bullets are not equal. The way the round acts once it comes in contact with the body has a lot to say about how the BG's day will go.

I don't remember the name of the study but it was done in Switzerland and they shot something like 200 goats to test lethality.

Because of that study I carry either MAGSAFES or GLAZERs and will not carry stuff like combat talons because of that studies data.

Question - before I posted I was trying to find the DOJ study on GSW to the head that showed a ridiculously low "put down" rate from handguns. Anyone have that?

we stopped doing the "mozambique / el presidente drills to the head after that study and started third tapping the pelvic girdle after that one
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