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What are "true" 1911 parts? How many "1911" pistols made today are composed 100% of true 1911 parts? And if they aren't and "fall short" in some way (for instance, enhanced sights on the otherwise original [?] new Remington "1911"), does that automatically disqualify them from having true 1911 status?
Aside from the SIG pistols you excepted, which others of the op's fine collection can be described as being the real thing, a "true" 1911 pistol? From what I can see, all of the rest have features that were never found on original 1911 pistols, including (but not limited to), different triggers, different sights, different hammers, "enhanced" beavertails; not to mention the cosmetic and/or improved ergonomic changes on them, such as beveled grip housings, front cocking serrations, etc.
And, when determining what exactly constitutes a "true" 1911 pistol, thedudeabides asked an interesting question: "Is the Les Baer monolith a 1911?"
Honestly, I don't care. I meant no offense.

If you want to consider the Sig 238 or the several rimfire replicas on the market to be 1911s, more power to you. It makes no difference to me.

The OP has a fine collection either way.
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