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Sounds like you've done some research. And yes, it can be confusing at times. a 1:7 twist rate can manage heavier grain ammo than a 1:9. Especially at longer distances. I'd go with a 1:7 as you can still shoot 55 grain but also shoot heavier which you will likely want to do if you go 5.56 for hunting. Chrome or Melonite doesn't really factor in here. Both are good barrels and you will find people in both camps. Colt makes a good AR and many will argue it's the gold standard. For just around a grand, it's not a bad deal at all. As for purchasing an upper and a lower, it about as easy as it can get. It's the same process you will complete when you clean and service your AR. Simply pull 2 pins and the upper is now separated from the lower. Click them back together, push the pins in and you now have a complete AR again. I don't own a 308 so I can't comment. Look to Colt, DD, BCM, Spike's, PSA, S&W for good reputable brands at a reasonable price.
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