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Originally Posted by boattale
I think it's more the .280 is competing against the .270 and Jack O'Connor. There's really very little functional difference between .270 and .280, especially in factory loading. And the 7mm-08 is competing against .243 and gives you a lot of options that the admittedly wonderful .243 doesn't. I look at 7mm-08 as a .243 on steroids. And that's why its so popular.
Good call. I took a picture of a .243 round next to a 7mm-08 and it's a neat comparison. That 1mm of width makes the 7mm-08 look so much tougher than the .243 That said, I have them both and I am really learning to love the 7mm-08Rem. So much so, in fact, that I am questioning whether or not I need my 7mm Rem. Mag any more. It's soooo much more expensive to shoot and in practical application (deer/antelope hunting) not too much lost with the 7mm-08.
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