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Real life penetration of Lyman's 358477 150 gr LSWC, cast from wheel weights, meaning not excessively hard.

I shot this guy with my Model 28, using the above bullet, pushed by 14.5 grns of 2400. He was charging my police car. Hit in the neck just below the skull. In my 20 years with the Anchorage Police Dept. I've probably kill close to a dozen moose after being injured in traffic accidents. Never had to shoot one twice.

On this guy, disregard the photo, I staged that for my grand kids. I bought the buffalo from excess at Custer state Park. Shot him in the head just below the horn base. First round was too high and bounced off. Second round, a little lower, half way between the horn base and eyes did the trick.

I don't carry my Model 28 much any more but I use the same bullet in my 642 pocket revolver. I've put down horses,and after muff shots on deer, finished them off.

I have all the faith in the world in the 150-158 grn LSWCs. I see no reason to change now.
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