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I have a set of red, a set of yellow and a set of black dippers, I have 2 adjustable dippers, I have dippers that were made from old cases with soldered on handles.

And I have R. Lee’s book on modern reloading, R. Lee developed loads at the range with dippers then went back to his shop and measured the dipper full with a scale to convert to grains, by design his dippers measured both minimum and maximum as in starting and maximum loads. Lee started with machined dippers and were marked in cubic inch, then he went metric as in cubic centimeters, a universal standard. Not a problem but R. Lee publishes his loads in volume and grains, he could not understand why other manufactures stamped their drums and bushings with meaningless numbers known only to the manufacturer. RCBS uses terms like ‘big drum’ and little drum, or is that small and large?

The Little Dandy rotors are stamped with a number, the meaning of the number is known only to those with a chart. even if RCBS had made an attempt to please R. Lee by stamping the rotors in cubic centimeters reloaders would still be required to convert the CC to grains if the published data was printed in grains.

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