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Looking to get an ar-15, but what brand?

I'm new to the ar15 world and I'm not familiar with on which brands are decent. I'm looking for a decent quality gun i can mount a scope on go to the range be happy with the accuracy up to at least 200 yards. I'm also looking at this gun for hogs and deer, mostly hog as because where I am they are a large problem. I was interested in the 308, but not sure if its a decent round through the ar15? Also I've seen a lot of debate on the barrel twist whether 1:9 is better or the 1:7 (for 5.56) and only certain rounds can go through certain barrels with certain finishes. I'll just be honest I'm confused! So I'm just looking right now to get those things cleared up and look at some brands. I have heard that Colt makes a good gun but your overpaying by just a little. I've also heard that ordering the upper and lower is cheaper then buying the complete gun. How complicated is this and how much are the tools?
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