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The top one is .270. I bedded action and floated the barrel. It will shoot 1MOA when I do my part. That's a 3x9 B&L Elite 3200 firefly on it. Favorite deer hunting scope ever.

The middle one is .22LR. It's minute of squirrel head. Nikon fixed 4x on it. I dropped a trigger kit in that rifle.

The bottom one is .22 WMR. It's very picky about ammunition. With Remington Premier Ballistic tips, its a 1 MOA rifle too. The scope is a Leupold Compact 2x7. That rifle has a trigger kit in it too.

The 2x7 Compact was originally on the .270 but didn't quite make the grade for early and late shooting.

All three of these are hunting rifles. Love them. They'll be around when they have the sale.
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