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to me, the platform is much more important than the caliber ( both should perform equally well, with the same shot placement )

15-20 years ago, I was going into the higher altitudes of the rockies pretty regularly, I had my gun smith / machinist buddy make me a precurser to the Ruger Alaskan... a Dan Wesson 44 Mag double action snubbie, with a proprietary compensator / barrel nut... my gun was blued, & I was so happy with Rugers gun, that I bought one in 454 Casull, when they came out...

... I studied ( well actually I read all I could on actual surviving bear attacks ) in many cases, the person involved, got ambushed from the brush before they got a shot off... in these cases, most survived, because of others shooting the bear ( no small feat, if your buddy & the bear are in a pile on the ground ) in a couple cases, it was listed, that the revolver malfunctioned... in some of these cases, I noted the guns used were single action, & I couldn't help but wonder, if during the pain & stress involved with a bear attack, that the shooter was just trying to pull the trigger, & had omitted to cocking the hammer 1st ( hmm... 1st mental note... no single actions, even though I love them, & shoot them well )... 2nd, while wrestling on the ground, often the victim could not get the gun pointed where they needed... ( hmmm... 2nd mental note... the longer the barrel, the harder it would be to shove the gun into the bears chest or belly, when wrestling on the ground ) there may be some that think you'll lose too much velocity with a snubbie, & for actual hunting, I'd agree, but for a "bear fighting" revolver, I'll take a double action snubbie every time...

that darned cylinder lock up... yes... I've expirienced it... while I had my Alaskan on lay away, I had just about got convinced I'd whack myself in the head, if I didn't get the barrel ported... I was already to send it out as soon as it came in, but the science in me, told myself, that I needed to shoot it 1st, so I'd know how much diffence the porting made... my 1st cylinder full... ( Mag Tech ammo ) locked up the cylinder... I found I was "stiff arming" the revolver so much ( for fear of whacking my head ), that I put enough force on the gun, that I cause the bullets to jump crimp... after I started letting the gun recoil in an arc, naturally ( no I didn't whack my head ), I didn't jump crimp on that ammo any more... however, I decided I didn't want to use that for bear, just in case I was in a position I needed to stiff arm the gun, by position, to shoot it... I highly recommend that bear ammo, gets shot as much as a shooter would to verify that a CCW gun & ammo combo would work well in all situations... I personally like a gas checked hard cast bullet with deep grooves, & a nice roll crimp, into the groove...
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