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Meh, boutique brands can keep the power close but these are NOT standard pressure rounds and rare exceptions. Buffalo Bores standard pressure 45lc are exactly the same as the major brand ammo companies. All off the shelf loaded ammo from major ammunition companies like Winchester, Hormady, Remington, Federal, etc.. The 45lc isn't close to the 44mag power. Then there is only a few guns that can shoot the hot 45lc rounds loaded to rediculas specs. The 45lc isn't designed to be pushed to high pressure levels. If you want that, then go to a 454Casull.
The 44mag and 45lc are not apple to apple comparisons. The 45lc is a people killing round. The 44mag was designed to be a big game hunting round.

Take Hornady for example. They are known for their handgun hunting ammo.
The Hornady FTX hunting load designed for lever guns.
136240 .44 Magnum Ammo 225 FTX 1,410 993 20
180239 .45 ColtĀ® Ammo 225 FTX 960 460 20
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