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A few more notes...

I would add to any list citing the pros of S&W "Third Generation" semi-auto pistols, extreme reliability and tank-like durability.
+1; I had to finish my first post in great haste and should have mentioned that.
First, if the gun appears to be well-kept and in good shape, that's a fine price. It's not a steal, but it's a very good price. Recently, the market is being flooded with law-enforcement and duty trade-in Smith & Wesson 3rd Generation pistols, though most appear to be in the 9mm chambering. This glut of guns may soften the market a bit for 3rd Gen pistols.
I dunno, IMHO $400 is a pretty darn good deal if the pistol is really clean, but YMMV; as always, it's difficult to judge condition based on a brief description on the Internet.

The lack of a box is a definite minus; the lack of extra mags less so, because there is an absolute glut of LE surplus 40-series mags on the market right now. I've seen them advertised for as little as $8.99/ea.

Speaking of LE surplus and the soft 3rd-gen market, I have seen beater LE M4006's languish unsold literally for months at $329, and I purchased a ~90% M3904 (9mm single-stack full-size alloy frame) last year for $300 OTD, but I've also seen LNIB pistols fly out the door for $600+. There seems to be a definite collector market for super-clean 3rd-gens, but values and market demand fall off VERY quickly with declining condition.
This one is DAO, which in gun terms, is "double action only." That means there is no first shot difference than the rest of the shots.
Ummm, no; methinks you have this one mixed up with the M4046, which features a short-stroke preset DAO trigger without second-strike capability or a decocking feature.

The M4026 is DA/SA with second-strike capability like a conventional S&W 3rd-gen pistol; it just decocks with a SIG-style lever rather than a slide-mounted decocker/safety.
True DA/SA pistols... take some getting used to -- the transition is very difficult to become an "expert" with.
+1. However, as Sevens said, IMHO at $400 you're likely to not lose any money on this pistol if you try it for a while and decide you don't like it.
While it is absolutely true that 3rd Gens are large, bulky and heavy handguns, and the weight helps to soak up felt recoil -- it's my opinion that these pistols also have a higher bore axis and a chamber that is further forward and I find them to offer more recoil than might be expected from a newer design.
Felt recoil is always subjective, but IMHO Sevens is correct about the muzzle flip; S&W metal-frame pistols categorically have lots of it. This, combined with the notoriously "snappy" .40S&W round, may result in high felt recoil for you, but YMMV.

I have to confess that I've never fired a .40S&W 3rd-gen pistol; in fact, the only ones I've fired have been 9mm. FWIW I find that a M5906 (steel-frame full-size double-stack 9mm) has less felt recoil overall than my M&P9 FS, but it definitely has more muzzle flip despite the fact that it weighs almost 1lb more.
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