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Hey everyone! Just decided to get back into guns and like my other hobbies, the first step is join a forum. I did a number of google searches and kept ending up here so now you're stuck with me.

Not counting yesterday, I haven't shot a gun in over 12 years. I bought a S&W 686 back in 1990 and would take it to the range quite often back when we still had an outdoor range nearby. Life, wife and kids got in the way for awhile and the gun sat in the safe unloved. Fast forward to about a month ago and a buddy showed up with his new Glock 27 and it got me thinking about how much I missed shooting.

So yesterday I took my 10 year old daughter to the indoor range and I shot my 686 and I rented a 22 for us both to shoot. At first she was skitish and little afraid of all the noise but once she started shooting she loved it. She's ready to go back as soon as possible.

Now I've got the itch to buy something new for me. I'm thinking something small enough for me to carry if I go that route and small enough caliber if the daughter and wife want to shoot it. I've narrowed it down to the S&W Shield 9 and the Walther PPS. I'm 80% sure I'll get the shield but no one has one for me to hold/fire.
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