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I'm a long time 45-70 owner & hunter ( with 4-5 different guns ) & as newbie in my FIL's deer hunting camp ( many years ago ) I got the "honor" of field dressing all the deer the 1st couple years I went up there... guns typically used ranged from .243, to 300 Win Mag, & I used a 45-70... the 45-70 put down large white tails as fast as anything, with less damaged meat, than even the .243... the blood shot ( bruising ) around the wound track from the higher velocity rounds more often than not, resulted in more loss than that big ol 45 slug moving a bit slower

I used a 22" barrel rifle to start with, & moved shorter... I now have a Guide gun, & actually shoot more with my 14" Contender barrel ( though I've now graduated to a 10" "HOT" 45 Colt barrel & load... if I don't go up north, I'm in shotgun zone, where I'm allowed to use a handgun in the shotgun zone... I'll still use my guide gun, if I go up north, or if I'm hunting "south" I use a Contender...

as far as loads... the factory 300 & 405 both work well... 300's actually kick more, as they move out much faster... I used 300's mostly, when shooting factory, now that I'm handloading, I'm using the Remington 405 bullet, but at velocities closer to the factory 300's
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