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I also have a pocket Colt, with some white plastic pearl grips, with gold Colt medallians & a nice Bernardelli both in 25 auto... ( that I don't have pics of ) here are a couple more, that I do have pics of

Antique gem... factory engraved Hopkins & Allen Safety Police in 32 S&W, with wood grips ( rather than the black hard rubber grips, that were more common )

my littlest... "snake eyes" edition NAA mini

another antique... S&W model 1.5 in 32 S&W ( barrel was shortened & renickeled long long ago... patenias match between gun & barrel ) when the barrel was shortened, a thicker, more useable front site was added, I added some 70's Gil Scottie redwood laminated grips with some NOS S&W medallians added to them, after I got the gun

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