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I wonder who the internet commandos and macho men are - those of us who have owned and shot multiple platform types in the calibers under discussion (9mm, .40, and .45) and have formed opinions based on trigger time, or those who did their research, bought a .40, and now tell us we don't know what we are talking about?

For accuracy, I like a .45 quite well. I find .45 recoil less snappy than .40 recoil. Note that .45 has been lauded for inherent accuracy for decades.

For speed, with good accuracy very close to that of a .45, I like 9mm. (Picking up a P7 PSP next week, and suspect I might get speed and excellent accuracy with that).

I have owned or shot .40 platforms of similar types to pistols I have owned or shot in 9mm and .45, and have sold all but one. Actually, I am listing that one next week, so if anybody wants a P06...

I can't warm up to .40 pistols. I have tried. I like them in theory, but do not like them in practice.
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