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Watch your air pressure,too.As your air pressure goes up,you begin shattering round beads to sharp shards,cutting,eroding,embedding.Try 40 psi or so just to satin.I am prone to look at the MSC website for about anything industrial,including blast media.

You might look at polishing stones,too.

I have had excellent results with a Brownell's product,its a liquid abrasive in glue.Comes in various grits.I can band saw/belt sand hard maple or birch into file like shapes,dip in this stuff,and hang to dry.Makes a great polishing tool!

Oh,do not try to work close to the rubber glove with the nozzle.Blowing a hole in the glove is a bad idea.

Sometimes glass beading will cause you to pick up a static charge,beware a little zap does not make you drop something.

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