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Not knowing what brands are locally available to you, IF you can get your hands on a supply of the Winchester LP primers, you should be set. They are a bit hotter than other brands of LP primers and are listed on the boxes as for Standard or Magnum Loads. If your looking to economize and only have one primer for multiple loads that would be the one I would use. Then once you work up your done. The Winchesters will light off the slowest of any powder, compressed or not, that you will be using with little effort.

I use them almost exclusively for all of my revolver loads. There are only a couple of special ones I might use a Fed. or CCI, but they are the minority. I have had no issues with loads of slow powders using the Win primers. The one thing I have found is that with light loads of faster powders for medium or plinking loads they will give a wide spread of velocities. For those type loads however you usually don't need that much to light off the faster powders being used. That is where the other brands of standard primers really shine.

Just my experiences with loading for revolvers over the years.
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