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I won't knock anyone for their tastes. I shoot several thousand rounds through my CMMG AR each year. It is a standard AR lower with a standard milspec weight trigger. I shoot it because I love rimfires. To me it is a joy to shoot. I have always loved the style of he AR rifle, so to me this was a no brainer. It isn't that I cannot afford to shoot a 5.56, I just prefer a rimfire for plinking part of the time. Hell, I have a 50 BMG, but most times I'd rather shoot a.308,.243, or 30-06. I will not sit here and say any firearm is useless, because if someone owns it, it has a use. I personally do not like handguns without external hammers, or most wooden stock rifles. But that is where to each their own comes in. So if you prefer to shoot AR's in 5.56, 9mm,6.8,7.62, .22 or any other caliber more power to you. I am just glad there is so much choice and variety in them.
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