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Originally Posted by chris in va
I had one a while back.

Consider one of those micro reflex sights. Turns a ho-hum plinker into something absurdly easy to shoot and a real joy to make cans dance with. Also, I think they still make that spiffy speedloader that zips ten rounds into the mag in a second.
Chris, can you post a link to where I would find those sights?

Here is a loader for Ruger MkII and Mk III magazines. Works like a champ. 22 rimfire cartridges flow into the magazine like water. Sometimes you should give it a squirt of dry-lube (silicone or something like it).

I bought several, gave one to a friend, sold a couple and kept one.

They give a price break if you buy six. I sold at the single unit price and managed to recoup the shipping and half the price of mine on the ones I sold.

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