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I recently got an AR, and my two best friends (they are brothers) went out and got some Romanian WASR-10s soon after. I love the fact that we can do some tactical shooting together, though they constantly try to tell me how much better the WASRs are than my Windham. I will admit, the AKM design is a more robust design, and the 7.62 round is bigger (I have a Norinco SKS, so I know pretty well about the 7.62), but my rifle just has more quality. The dust cover on the younger brother's wouldn't latch on until he filed it down a bit, and the mags rattle in the magwell.

I won't bash their decisions because I love the fact that they got some carbines as well, but they don't do near the research I do. I put many hours into researching what rifle I want, and they kinda just made up their minds and bought some WASRs without knowing the pitfalls. I am just so glad neither of their rifles suffer from the front sight issue.
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