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Yeah man sounds like great minds think alike!!

I didn't get mine for the threaded barrel to be honest, I know in NJ we will never get a suppressor... More likely the rest of the nation loses whatever gun rights they currently have than we Gain anything. BUT- We might be moving next year and the 3 state as options are all really friendly firearms wise so I might be able to get one in the future.. In that case I would just get the stuff started right away... Probably an ACC .308 suppressor for my Remington 700 AAC-SD (Like to match my stylin and profilin tacticool equipment gear son!!!)

And in the event this worked and I could do NFA stuff I would totally be getting myself a short AR like a real-sized-and-shaped M4 or more realistically, a Mk 18 sized carbine w/ suppressor to go all types of SOCOM / Special Forces / SEALs on the neighborhood agressors come SHTF.
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