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I bought the Glock 29 in 2008 just after I got my carry license because I've long been a fan of the 10mm as I grew up reading a lot of Jeff Cooper in my formative years. I own a S&W 1006 but wanted something smaller for carry, so the Glock 29 was my choice. It was a small bit of "I think 10mm is powerful enough for carry and I can shoot it well" mixed in with a lot of "Man, if I ever get a license to carry, I wanna carry a 10mm! " Hey--at least I'm honest about it.

It's still my carry gun and I've run nearly 4,000 rounds through it since I got it.

I don't like Glocks
--But I shoot this pistol very well.
--It's absolutely dead-nuts reliable.
--It's much more accurate that I think it should be for having a grip I don't like and a 3.78" barrel.
--I shoot it as accurately and well and quickly with follow-up shots as I think I should "need" to be able to shoot it.

I still don't like Glocks.
I hope to never own another one. I truly mean that.
That means -- I hope this one never breaks, gets stolen, or gets locked up in an evidence locker.

It also means: I have shot full size, compact, sub-compact and competition model Glocks in 9mm, .40cal, .357 Sig, 10mm, and .45 Auto and I simply don't care for them. I don't enjoy them, I don't want to own another.

This one that I carry? I love this pistol. I don't want another.
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