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Good ideas for revolvers

I can get to the range a max of 2-3 times a year. Budget limits, the job doesnt pay too well... ANyway, I own a SW 649 and a 22. revolver. The complex nature of operating a pistol effectively are accomplished by frequent trips to a range; which isnt somehting I can afford to do. I am partial to revolvers, especially since a freind of mine told me about what happened to his mom. A while back she was working in a deli mart. There was a ruckus in the parking lot that had spread into the store. I was told that mom "ran to the back where the gun was kept and ran it up front to hand to the owner." So a) the gun was kept in the storage area (not good) and b) she had no idea how to use it (it was a semi-auto).
The fight simmered down and the disagreeing parties left, but what if it was a robbery or something? would she have been able to use the weapon before getting to the owner? To retain it if lunged at? This brings up topics of revolver or semi, who's familiar with the weapon, is there a plan in place, etc. I figure as well that if Bad Person breaks into your place, you and BG scuffle, and your gun is knocked from your possession and skids across the floor. It lands at the feet of your Mom/Daughter/Girlfriend/roommate - will they know how to bring a Semi to action and save the day? Revolvers may take longer to reload than a semi, but a jammed auto takes longer to shake free than to pull the trigger on a revovler with a bad round.
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