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Real numbers-- I put my GSG 1911-22 in to service in April of this year.

I've fed it 4,126 documented rounds. I had issues with lead 40gr American Eagle and bulk 40gr lead CCI-Blazer was a bit better, but not perfect.

I burned only about 100 rounds of each of those just for kicks. And in the interest of full disclosure, I was running a "see how long it'll run without cleaning" and it had run over 800 rounds through it since cleaning when I tried those.

The other 3,900 rounds was my go-to ammo choice, the bulk Federal Champion, 36gr plated that you get in 375 or 525 round bulk packs. Commonly found at Wal-Mart, I tend to buy mine at a large gun store well north of me when I get them on sale. Lately, they have been scarce. I plan to buy a minimum of 10 of these the next time I find them on sale.

My particular GSG 1911-22 is unbelievably, stupifyingly and ridiculously rock-solid with this Federal Champion, 36gr plated bulk ammo. No FTFire, no FTFeed, no FTEject, no stove pipes, no erratic ejection, no failure to go in to battery...just unbelievable reliability.

The pistol comes with a 2-year warranty. I can't imagine this pistol will continue it's performance if I keep running it at this pace, but I'm going to give it a run.

If you are looking for an endorsement of one of these to run with low-cast, bulk ammo, and Federal Champion 36gr plated counts as cheap ammo, then I can whole-heartedly sign my name to the endorsement.

I'll put it this way: if you own any semi-automatic rimfire handgun made by anyone at any price, and it runs as well as the 4,000+ rounds out of my GSG 1911-22, then you have a keeper.
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