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Its easier to look in a reloading manual, but perhaps you can pull up Hodgdon's sight. Powder and bullet manufactures have set forth pressure criteria for safe shooting in 45-70's in the low pressure loads with weak trapdoor actions (Springfield), that are generally below 21,000 cup, beneath 40,000 cup for lever action Marlins and most others, and 50,000 cup for Ruger #1's. Trapdoor loads go somewhat slower, but its still possible to push a 400gr bullet? down the tube at 1500 fps.! It does plenty of hunting at that level. The same bullet going 2100fps is a high pressure load, and greatly increases the recoil and decreases the fun factor. Most increases in velocity merely level out the rainbow like trajectory.

My 22 inch has the 1895 as its model only. Others would say 1895GS, 1895G, 1895CB, 1895SBL and so on. I believe the earlier 1895's had 1895SS which believe it or not was not stainless steel. I think it meant super sport.

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