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I love the folks that show me a 3 shot target (their best of course) and try to convince me that their gun is all that and a bag of chips too. Just because it will do that at 100 yards does not mean it will hold at 200, 300, or farther out. I've seen .8 MOA at 100 yards go to 2 or more MOA at 200 when fired from a sled due to one or more variables.

My Rem 700 can drop all three touching at 100 yards; did it firing with a tree branch as my rest dialing in my scope. I doubt many people could do it for 10 rounds is after all a 375 RUM.

OTOH. with the right ammo, one of my 10/22's can make sub MOA at 100 yards consistently. My last build...I haven't shot enough ammo types through it to find the "golden bullet(s)" yet.
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