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Marlinowners does have alot of info. If you know you want a longer barrel, get one. I started with a 22 inch, and have also gotten a CB, GS, a Buffalo Classic, and a Ruger #1. Some are scoped, some are target, and all used for hunting. (Especially hogs, elk and bison.). It is a reloaders cartridge, as it gets very expensive to shoot them as much as I like. I do like ballard rifling, which may be a little better for cast. Quality took a dive around the Remington aquisition of Marlin, but may be rising again. The short barreled GS i bought used for 500 last year and had a nice XS scope rail with a XS sight. I explored powerful high pressure loads, and found that although fun to explore their capability, a trap door load works fine to hunt and especially plink with. It is challenging to hit beyond 200 yards, but i have my CB and BC set up for up to 600 yards or so. The model determines price, with the 22 incher being the base model. Expect to pay the most for pre remington guns in unfired condition. CBs sometimes go for 800 and more. An sbl the same. A 22 incher should be 500 and up, and possibly less considering its condition. I like hunting with my 22 incher. I now use it mostly for hogs.
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