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Took the NY1 trigger out(10+ lbs per my scale). Replaced it with a Wolfe carry spring kit. Should be 5lbish. In my gun it is 7.5 lbs.

Brought it to the range today for the first time. Had fun blasting through about 125 rounds. Man, could I hit with this thing. Rapidfire, slowfire, it didn't matter!

Once I learned the reset point, rapid fire was easy. . .Maybe too easy.

Of course 100% reliable. Pretty comfortable, but the grip is as big as a brick!

Accuracy was not match grade in slow fire, but the groups didn't just go haywire breaking out some fast doubles and triples.

This one's a keeper. I also shot a friend's G23. It was fun, but not smooth in recoil.

Now I see why LEO like this gun.
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