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Aimpoint Choice

Sorry guys but this is another one of those "which one" posts but I don't know where else to get an informed answer.

I have an Eotech XPS2 on my AR now but don't get optimal results in part because I wear corrective lenses. My eyes are also 69 years old :-)

As with others, the Eotech reticle pixelates and doubles sometimes worse than others. I wear progressive bifocals which I'm sure contributes to the issue. I find the Eotech works well for me shooting Steel Challenge with my .22 upper where speed is the driver, but doesn't do as well with the .223 upper at distance where the blurred centre dot affects my accuracy.

I'm very close to buying an Aimpoint for the .223 and will leave the Eotech on the .22.

The two models I'm considering are the Pro which pretty much comes complete for my purposes and the older CompC3 which would require an elevated QD mount. While I haven't been able to compare the two directly, the Pro seems bulkier to me which is why the CompC3 is on the list despite the additional cost of about $150.00. I emailed Aimpoint with my questions but got no response.

For those of you who can compare, please tell me if the extra cost of the CompC2 is warranted or if the Pro is the way to go.


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