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In my situation, the wife was more worried about me thwarting an attack and being put in jail for it. My response was, "So you'd rather I was killed than in jail?" She's still not crazy about it.
Wayne ~ join the ACLDN. Let her know you've joined an organization that's specifically designed to help you avoid jail to begin with.

Btw, to answer a common question, ACLDN is not insurance. Insurance pays out after you are acquitted, if you are -- which means your insurance company really doesn't have any reason to help you avoid being charged or convicted. ACLDN is different. It provides legal education up front to help you defend yourself within the bounds of the law. If you do defend yourself using a firearm, ACLDN pays a chunk of money to your lawyer at the first sign of legal trouble. They come alongside immediately to help you avoid being charged in the first place, and provide expertise throughout the entire cycle of events so you can step off the danger train as soon as possible.

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