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Early this year, I returned my FNH FNAR .308 Win to the factory because it would not shoot 1 MOA. I could barely get it to shoot 2 MOA and it typically would come in around 2.5 MOA (I consider 5 shot groups the minimum for checking accuracy).

FNH put a new barrel on my rifle, shot a 3 shot group just under 1 MOA, and sent the target and rifle back to me. I'm currently working up hand loads for it. However, it does appear to like Black Hills 175gr Match ammo. Not sure if it will do it all day long. I only had 5 rounds left in the box when I tried it....but it sure was promising, that is for sure!

I have a Savage 10 FCP HS and a Rem 788 .223. Both will shoot 1 MOA with most anything....and less than .5 MOA with my hand loads. I have other rifles that won't do anything like this. It is what it is.
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