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I do not buy duplicates per say. I have several guns in the same family but different variants.

I have 2 AR15 carbines but one is a tactical, accurized 223 and the other is a 9mm with wood furniture, two very differed worlds.

I have 2 mosin nagants, one still looks like a soviet warhorse while the other has been sporterized to look like a decent hunting rifle.

I have 2 enfield number 4s but one is still military config and the other is being sporterized and converted to 45ACP

I had(just sold one 2 days ago) 2 springfields, one is a pre WWI battle rifle while the other was a WWII era sniper.

with handguns I have had XDMs in 45ACP and 9mm in both full sized and compact offerings. never two of the same size and caliber though.

I try to keep things as simple as possible, I now refuse to stockpile any more calibers than I have to so if I can get two different feeling rifles without having to get two completely different rifles I will do that. if I could get a lever action or bolt action in 9mm or even a carbine kit for one of my XDMs I would do it in a heart beat.
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