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I dump the brass into an old pot for one final rinse. The water and brass are poured into the basket and the water ends up in the bottom of the media seperator. The brass in the basket gets bounced around by hand a few times to shake most of the water off.

The brass ends up on an old shop towel on top of a cookie sheet. If I want it to dry faster I can bring it inside by the wood stove.

Most of the water is poured into the top half of the seperator to save it. The pins and water are returned to the tumbler for the next run. The tumbler holds one gallon, which fills it to within a couple inches of the top. I pour any additional water from the top into the tumbler to fill it to the proper level.

With water and pins in the tumbler all you need is two pounds of brass, a squirt of dish soap, a quarter teaspoon of Lemi-shine and secure the gasket and lid. Place it on the base, turn it on, come back in about three or four hours.

I try to run my process in a way that uses as little water as possible and reuses it where possible. The brass comes out beautiful inside and out.

Total time to do this change of brass, including photogtaphy, was about 12 minutes. It took me longer to make this post (two actually as I had more than six pics...) than it did to get another run of brass going.

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