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I was always better with the .45 1911 than with any 9mm, mainly because I spent alot of time and ammo learning to shoot the 1911 with best possible accuracy.
I don't doubt the same would hold true for most autoloaders.

While groups size was if anything tighter with the 9mm I always hit low with the 9mm compared to the .45.

The way I was taught was to roll the web of the hand into the grip to avoid hammer bite then draw the grip back into the V with the middle finger with decreasing pressure of each finger on down with the little finger barely touching the grip.
This lets the pistol roll back into the V so the recoil consistently lets the muzzle rise to the proper angle as bullet leaves the bore.
With lighter bullets at higher velocity and less recoil the muzzle doesn't rise as much. The broad backstrap of the double stack 9mm pistols also reduces roll. The Luger and Lathi compensated by having a more radical grip angle.

As I've mentioned before the only reason I stopped using the 1911 was due to a hand injury that made use of pistols with a grip safety a bit of a problem.
When I master the grip safety of my FN 1922, which is still a problem, I'll be looking to get another 1911.

Theres dozens of reasons why any particular shooter may be more accurate with one caliber over another.
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