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OK, we start at the end of a tumbling cycle. The tumbler is full of clean brass and dirty water. I dump the dirty water out and just to be CDO (that's OCD in alphabetic order...) I fill and dump again as a preliminary rinse. It helps get most of the dirt out before the media seperation.

Here are the cleaned brass cases and stainless steel pins after dumping the rinse water out. If you pour slowly you can get almost all the water out without the pins ever coming close to falling out. Sorry about the fuzzy pic...

Here is the media seperator. It looks about the same as a dry media seperator if you ask me. The lower half has water enough to submerge half the lower part of the cage. The brass and pins are dumped into the cage while it sits in the lower pan. This allows the pins to be rinsed free and drop to the bottom. As with other seperators, rotate the cage in both directions several times. I do 10 turns in each direction twice and that seems to get all the pins out.

Here is the brass after the pins are rinsed off. There is still a bit of soap suds on them at this point.
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