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" Gee, we've gone from weapons to jeeps.

I think the top response here is from old0311-1.

And, if jeeps, why not b-29's and P-51's? Gotta love this stuff."

You don't have to go far from here to see still the old graveyards of surplus aircraft from the military.
After WWII they had hundreds of them, which were dumped out in the desert and sat there for many years rotting and rusting. You usually could buy one for $1. You had to move it, store it, repair it, etc., and there are still many of them in operation today where exactly that was done.
They did the same with ships.
In San Francisco Bay there is a back bay called Suisun Bay (Susan Bay) where there are still dozens or more old ships, sitting, rusting.
They revived one from WWII to use as a museum (the vets did, not the govt) and it was here in San Pedro for many years. I don't know where it went to now. A supply ship. Lane Victory.
Here is a link.
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