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dirtymoney I want to first thank you for capitalizing my name's AK letters, that was extremely generous of you lol Thanks.

And just for record, of course you never WANT to have to send it back, like I certainly didn't. What I had to clarify to someone else was, i *SHOULD have immediately * decided to send it back when Irealized I was not the first person to have received this as a purchase and opened that box. But I was damned excited, it was a great deal, it was going to be my first "sniper rifle" and my newest neatest etc. I could not wait to start sneaking snipes at the neighbors houses across the fields and retention basins etc. and do a little Call of Duty fantasizin lol.

BUT I tried to make it work and it was not working so i.. in my case the guys at Dick's were awesome - they insisted on returning it and re-ordering a new one. Now had I have to deal with the warranty I would have been mad, since itwas brand new and defective on reception. In Nikon's case it's got a basically full on lifetime warranty....So I would b feeling safe that it would EVENTUALLY get replaced. But still mad that I didnt receive a pristine setup/.

You are screwed because you had to wait a few months before messing with it so you can't return it, you hav to warranty it? That sucks. You could try complaining and see if you can't finesse a little TLC-Customer Service from them.
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